March 7, 2017 – Ronald W P Drever, 2016 Shaw Prize Laureate and Caltech Professor Emeritus whose research in the development of the laser interferometry techniques in the LIGO experiment was a significant joint contribution to its success in detecting gravitational waves, passed away on Tuesday in Edinburgh, Scotland aged 85.

Drever, as a co-founder of the LIGO project with Kip Thorne and Rainer Reiss had, according to a statement from the family “…dedicated his lifetime to researching gravitational wave detection through LIGO and despite the fact dementia featured in his latter years, he was still aware of the global recognition that he and his colleagues at Caltech University in California, and also the University of Glasgow, had achieved.”

The Shaw Prize Foundation sends most sincere condolences to his beloved family, his colleagues and his friends.

March 9, 2017